Italian libraries and bookstores

I know that summer vacation is supposed to be about relaxing, spending time in the sun, and enjoying time off from school... but I can't help myself. I had to visit the local library the very first week I got to Nervi, Italy. And I've been to a few bookstores too. Hey, this is fun for me - I'm curious about what Italian children read!

This is a book display in the children's section of Nervi's public library. I spy a Wimpy Kid, do you?

Photo also taken at the Nervi public library - Geronimo Stilton is VERY popular! 

This is a bookstore display - Hannah Montana is an international superstar!

Do you recognize this one? Third - fifth grade girls couldn't get enough of Dork Diaries last year. 
I wish I could take home a box of books from here! There are some fantastic Italian authors that are popular as well as other European authors that we just don't get in the U.S. But the prices! Oy, I thought American books were expensive, but oh no, Italian books are far, far more costly. Everything is, really. Oh well, I like to visit the bookstores and libraries anyway. :) 

But I have to say, I sure do miss the Champaign Public and Urbana Free Libraries back home!


Ciao da Italia!

I do enjoy my summers off as a school librarian and decided to take this opportunity to travel somewhere new. I landed in Genoa, Italy last week and am currently living in a suburb called Nervi. During my walk around the town yesterday, I stumbled upon this...

Would you look at that? This is a classic and scientific state high school in Nervi, Italy sharing our name. :) 

You can browse some of my other photos around Nervi and Genoa in my Flickr album. I took some of the local library too! 

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