The Lorax

Oh, what can I say about The Lorax by Dr. Seuss? It's hard to live in our society and not be concerned about the environment, and this story provides a great example of why that is.

If you haven't read it but plan on seeing the movie, do yourself a favor and get the book first. Our second grade classes have been doing Seuss-themed activities for the past week or so and will be taking a field trip to the movie theater to see it on the big screen! I'll be reading it to fourth grade this week too.

I've put together a few Lorax-related links for your viewing pleasure below. These are just a few of the multitudes of resources out there...

The Lorax Movie's Official Website

The Lorax e-book App from the iTunes App Store

Scholastic Lorax Lessons and Resources

The Lorax Project from Seussville

Energy Star Kids & Lorax

and this one's my personal favorite... FREE for a limited time, download the Lorax Garden app and grow your own Truffula trees. :)


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