Book spine poems!

Inspired by Travis Jonker's book spine poetry project over at 100 Scope Notes, I thought I'd make some poems of my own! This is my first attempt, so please be kind.

 Tales for very picky eaters,
like pickle juice on a cookie
sing a song of tuna fish.
My sister the sausage roll,
Strawberry Hill.

A sweet smell of roses
farm morning
Little chick,
I am going!
big red barn

These hands,
drawing from memory
perfect square.
A black hole is NOT a hole;
Moon pie. 

Speaking of poetry, it is National Poetry Month, in case you didn't know!

About a month ago, many of our students wrote haiku poems for the National Schools Project, and we just found out yesterday that 50 students' poems will be published in the 2012 Young American Poetry Digest!

Congratulations, King School students!



Librarygal said...

Wow, that's so cool! I am a Library Aide (since 2000) and I'm constantly looking for new ideas for the school library. Thanks!

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