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Ms. Sapkarov, you type FAST!
Yes, my friends, I really do.

We're reading Rebecca Stead's When You Reach Me in one of my 5th grades and taking notes on the characters at the end of each class. By building these character profiles, we can understand the story better by looking at individual motivation and personality traits. Anyhow, to take notes, I've created a simple SmartBoard file with each character on their own page, and I'll type in students' additions to what we know about the different characters in the story. So, students get to see what I type on the laptop on the SmartBoard in real time (mistakes and all!) -- hence, the above comment about my speedy typing skills.

But do you think I was born a quick-fingered typist? Of course not! I started using a computer when I was in elementary school, and I've used one every day since then.

This is the time to develop good typing habits, my students! Do you know what HOME ROW is? It has nothing to do with baseball, even though it kind of sounds like it... And although it's not the absolute only way to learn to type, it'll definitely help you use more than just your index fingers!

Check out out these typing tutorials and games to practice your own typing skills. Practice, practice, practice, and maybe someday you'll type as fast as I do. :)

Dance Mat Typing by BBC

Keyboarding Skills by e-Learning for Kids

Typing Resources by Big Brown Bear Software (4 games/lessons)

Text Type by Doorway Online

Alpha Munchies Typing Game by ABCya!

Super Hyper Spider Typer by Funschool

Keybr (practice typing words)

Typing Games by Sense-lang (check out Typing Olympic)


Ronnie55 said...

That diagram up top that shows which fingers are responsible for which keys is great. I teach typing to kids, and I feel this is an area that is often neglected. The colored diagram really helps make it obvious which fingers should be used at all times. Typing For Kids should be all about building good habits so that you can continue to improve down the road.

*me said...

Try Typingweb.com too! It's working well for my third-graders.

Dora Ratjen said...

The page layout is very eye-catching and exellent work done. These techniques were really helpful and combine with the typing games together, I think I would master them soon.

davechaoss said...

I use to play a lot of typing games just to memorize all the key placements. I can't find a laptop that'll be good for my kids to practice typing on. Are there any specifics or does it really matter?

myteachertales said...

Thank you for this post! I just came across it and it has just the kinds of typing practice links I was looking for!

Ratna Kumar said...

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way2recharge said...

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

So, students get to see what I type on the laptop on the SmartBoard in real time (mistakes and all!) -- hence, the above comment about my speedy typing skills.Sell textbooks

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