Student-created Book Trailers

For the last two months of school, 4th/5th and 5th grade students worked on creating book trailers during library class. They formed groups of 2-4, chose a picture book that would appeal to kindergarten students, wrote scripts for the audio portion of their trailers, found pictures using Flickr CC, and put it all together in iMovie.

The project was inspired by Michelle Harclerode, a fantastic teacher-librarian who posts her own students' book trailers on this website. As an introduction to the project, I showed some of the student examples from Michelle's website so that my students could see what their end result might look like.

I'm rather proud of what our 4th/5th and 5th graders came up with considering it was my first time with this project, so I put them all together in one movie, featured below. Enjoy!


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