This Week @ the Library (3/28 - 4/1)

We wrapped up our Rosemary Wells author study with a math activity in the library. Each student chose their favorite Max & Ruby book that we read together and placed it on our bar graph on the SmartBoard. Then, we counted up all the students in the class and all of the book covers on the graph to make sure the numbers matched and that every student had a turn. Finally, we counted each book's results to see which Max & Ruby book was the class' favorite! 

We are on our fourth week of our Fractured Fairy Tales unit. This week, we read The Runaway Tortilla by Eric A. Kimmel - a Texas twist to the classic Gingerbread Man story. 

Second grade students put on their detective caps this week and worked in groups to solve "Call Number Mysteries." We are working on learning how the library is organized and where to find specific books in the library. Do you know where to find a chapter book in the King School Library? Do you know what the call number starts with? They do!

We are on our third week of our Fables unit in third grade. This week we read Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes by Margie Palatini, based on Aesop's fable "The Fox and the Grapes." We also read the pictures of The Lion & the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney because this book had no words, only the sounds the animals made!

Fourth grade students are a few weeks into our Tall Tales unit. One class finished reading John Henry by Julius Lester, while another began reading Dona Flor: A Tall Tale About a Giant Woman with a Great Big Heart by Pat Mora.

Our 4th/5th grade split class is reading Civil War stories in the library. This week, we started reading Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco, a historical fiction picture book about two very different Union soldiers who find themselves on the outskirts of the war. We'll finish up the book and this unit next week. 

Fifth grade students are also finishing up a Civil War unit. This week, we explored a nonfiction book called You Wouldn't Want to Be a Civil War Soldier by Thomas Ratliff. We learned about interesting details of a soldier's life such as where he would sleep, what he would eat, and what he would do in his free time. We also talked about the You Wouldn't Want to... series of books, many of which were checked out from the library this week. 

Have a great weekend!


Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones - The Daring Librarian said...

Hi Ms. Sapkarov! I love your new library blog - it's fun & purty! I also love your signature at the bottom of your blogs...what typeface is that? I might just have to nab that idea for my blogs!
~Gwyneth Jones
The Daring Librarian

NatalieSap said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gwyneth! I'm not sure what typeface it is - it's Font #9 at mylivesignature.com. I liked all the swirls in it. :)

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